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you are such a sweetheart :}

Aww, well thank you!! :)

can i please join you i love movie night haha

Always!!! :D

aww ha im jealous honestly. i love having movie nights in the house

Movie night is every night here. I have no life lol

haha im happy to hear you've been having a good time :} do you have any fun plans for tonight?

Just bumming it at home and prob watch a movie. Looks like I’ll be watching The People vs. Larry Flynt

yeah it was pretty fun! my friend got back in town so we were celebrating all day haha. what are you up to today?

Celebrations are always fun!

I just got back from my lady date with my fellow blonde friend. You know how we do!! lol 💁👯

Lady date! 🌻🌺✌️ (at Tout de Suite Café)

Lady date! 🌻🌺✌️ (at Tout de Suite Café)

Mmm, Baileys…

Makes everything better.

i hope your night went well love!

Lazy night at home watching Johnny Depp movies. I’d say it was a good one. <3

Hope yours went well, too!! :D