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he fuck that goat


he fuck that goat

"Puerto Ricans are rich Mexican Jews"

Man I’m gonna miss Joan Rivers. That was one funny, mean old lady.

"Let me know what I can can can can do for you
If you don’t speak, boy you know you won’t see none
Let me know what a man man man man want”

"Allow me to prove you wrong my good friend."


- Aries (zodiacsociety)

oh, and do you guys have Aldi down there? The grocery store? It's like the cheaper version of Trader Joe's (do you have that???) and I think it's a German chain, but that's where I got the chocolate cake and it's sort of amazing. I think you'd appreciate it.

I’m sure I would appreciate that cake!! I’m a chocoholic lol.

We don’t have Aldi, Trader Joe’s or Costco. Wish we did have something like that. We have a LA based grocery store called Rouses and they have a lot of good stuff that Trader Joe’s might have, but it’s pricey. I mostly just go to Walmart cause it’s cheap. Oh, and ever since Katrina, NO Walmart is 24/7 here, which sucks when you need alcohol at night.. They all close at 11pm.