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To get over one addiction, you have to become addicted to something else.
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It never fails

Yesterday made 3 days I went without binging and purging, but I got sooo bored. I couldn’t find anything to do. I even complained to my sis and her gf how bored I was. They didn’t offer/suggest to do anything.

I wound up binging and purged while my sis and her gf were distracted with some new game they got. I was pretty disappointed in myself. Felt even worse when my mom congradualted me on 3 days. Must have sucked for her to see the 3 on the fridge turn white.

I was determined today to do better.

Woke up fairly early and walked a mile to the food bank. They give me too much to walk home with, so my sis picked me up. I tried. I tried really hard to stay busy. I pestered my friend ALL day to pick me up so I wouldn’t be alone.

  • Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee - 15cal
  • Lunch: fat free cottage cheese, pineapple - 119cal
  • Snack: rice cake, homemade almond butter and cinnamon, Naked smoothie - 276
  • Dinner: binge: bubble tea, mochi, Wheat Thins, cabbage soup, pop tarts - don’t even wanna think about it

Now I’m just drinking. The usual. Binge, purge, drink. Binge, purge, drink.

I feel like ana will be here for life.

#taro bubble tea (at Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House)

#taro bubble tea (at Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House)

Something to tell your ED
3 days down and 20lbs up. Starting to feel positive about my recovery. 🍴💪☺

3 days down and 20lbs up. Starting to feel positive about my recovery. 🍴💪☺

cream cheese + pepper jelly = one happy Southerner

Went to Rouse’s, a Louisiana grocery store that sells mostly local stuff, for faux Italian “sausage” and FINALLY got Tabasco pepper jelly that I’ve been craving for months.

Fuck you, Walmart, for never having good food.

Saw this asshole at the dollar store that fucked my family over and almost made me homeless at one point

I told the manager he was shoplifting. :)