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She comes and she goes, but she’s always here to stay…

It really feels like I’m slipping back into my old habits and I don’t know what to do.

I stay up at all hours of the night, I’m drinking every night, I binge and purge every night and I’ve been taking laxatives every night for almost 3 weeks. I hate myself for allowing myself to slip back into my old habits.

I’m so afraid that I’ll start losing all the weight that I recently gained and become sick again, but apart of me wants to lose that weight. I hated my body. I looked like a 10 year old boy. I didn’t want anyone to see me or touch me.

Then why is a part of me standing there with open arms screaming "Welcome back, I missed you!!" ?!?!

Shortage of cattle in America. Gee, I wonder why…

News was just saying there’s a shortage in cattle around America and this is the LOWEST it’s been since 1956. So grocery stores and restaurants are having to raise their beef prices.

Maybe if America would eat more of what Mother Nature gave us, rather than mass production of animals, we wouldn’t have a shortage. Maybe y’all wouldn’t be so fat either.

Eat your veggies people!!! There’s other ways to get protein other than eating a greasy slab of meat.

I'll answer anything (:
1.) Favorite song?
2.) Favorite band?
3.) Would you post a picture of yourself?
4.) What’s your middle name?
5.) One thing you like about yourself?
6.) One thing you hate about yourself?
7.) Have you ever self-harmed?
8.) What’s the color of your bedroom walls?
9.) What are you doing right now?
10.) Is your bestfriend beautiful?
11.) Why did you pick the url you have?
12.) How long have you had your tumblr?
13.) Favorite food?
14.) Favorite tv show?
15.) Are you popular?
16.) If you could bring 3 things with you if you were stranded on an island, what would they be?
17.) Single or taken?
18.) Soda or water?
19.) Do you ever want a tattoo?
20.) Astrological sign?
21.) Would you date someone with scars?
22.) Do you believe in true love?
23.) Do you think you're attractive?