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Learning to accept being alone at times is one of the hardest parts of recovery

Being in a relationship and feeling lonely first help either

I love your little description "sarcastic fashionista" and use of "cunt". Made me smile!

Cause I’m UBBER sarcastic and I love fashion lol. Best way I could describe myself :)

I can be a real bitch sometimes, so cunt seemed to suit me well.

hey:)how re you ?how is everything :) ?

Hey!! Iโ€™m doing well. Had a very productive day at work, felt like I got a lot accomplished. Went thrift store shopping with my gma once I got home then helped make dinner. How are you? How was your day? Hope all is well :D







a new zine calledย shitty horoscopes that iโ€™ll be premiering this year at theย Toronto Queer Zine Fair, among other things! hopefully iโ€™ll make volumes available for online purchase soon. credit where credit is due: this was inspired by the huge number of made-up horoscopes floating around tumblr lately, and angry-poems.